35 Smart and Cute Cats for You

The cat is a bit wayward and goes its own way. Originally, cats like to act alone. Unlike dogs, they obey their owners’ orders and act collectively. Therefore, it does not regard its master as a monarch, but as obedient. Sometimes, it doesn’t even hear what you call it. Cats and their owners are not in a master-slave relationship.

It would be better to regard them as equal friends. It is this kind of relationship that makes it unique. On the other hand, the cat regards the owner as a parent and likes to be coquettish like a child. When it feels lonely, it will climb up the owner’s knee, or jump to the unfolded newspaper and sit, showing its coquettish state.

35 Smart and Cute Cats for You None

Image Source: amazingpetsforyou.blogspot.com

35 Smart and Cute Cats for You None

Image Source: www.wattpad.com

Cats often clean their hair. Kittens love to lick and clean themselves a lot. After dinner, the cat will wipe its beard with its front paw and lick its hair with its tongue after being hugged. It’s the cat’s instinct to get rid of its own odor to avoid predators. There are many rough little protuberances on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool to remove dirt.

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