Camponotus fedtschenkoi feeding process

Document and share my feeding process of Camponotus fedtschenkoi.

ant farm:
The use of bamboo knot nests has the advantage that ants can choose suitable nest rooms to live by themselves, so that wet and dry separation can be achieved.
The nest space is large, which is suitable for Fei’s cocooning (I think the nest is too small is also a problem).

The temperature is about 27 ~ 28 degrees without constant temperature.

The humidity of the breeding environment is between 45 and 55.
Bamboo with branches and water, the closest to the nest with branches is very close (condensed water droplets on the inner wall).
From the height of the nest, the young and the eggs are placed in the closest nest, and the young and the cocoons are placed in the dry nest, so I think the eggs need some humidity.

Water tower in the activity area, rock candy, shrimp and red cockroach daily (a small number of meals).

The wet and dry segmentation is very important for Toxoplasma fragilis, and the temperature needs to be at least 27 degrees before cocoon formation.

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