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It is a very happy thing to have a pet dog at home. When you come home from work every day, there will always be a little cute waiting for you. The troubles at work will be left behind! Although the dog is not as snooty as a cat, it is also a little nap, and it is always drowsy after venting its energy every day, so we must choose a comfortable bed for it. When the dog is young, let the little guy sleep on the owner ’s bed, most people may think it is normal, no big deal, but it is this small problem that you do not pay attention to, but it may cause the dog to grow.

A series of troublesome bad behaviors of the queen. So we must develop the independent habit of dogs and let him learn to sleep alone. Before purchasing a new dog bed, consider the sleeping position, size and budget of your dog. Orthopedic bed: Like a large mattress supported by an orthopedic stand, it is the best choice for old dogs, it can provide additional cushioning for it. And spacious, especially for dogs who like to stretch to sleep. Donut (mat) dog bed: This kind of dog bed sounds like a donut, with a protrusion in the middle and a high “enclosure” around it. This is more suitable for dogs who like security.

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Place the dog bed in a comfortable corner of the room. Don’t put the dog bed in a place where it usually doesn’t like to go or is easily excited (such as the kitchen). You can create a comfortable and relaxed sleeping environment for dogs.Put the dog in the cage. If your dog is small, you can put it in a cage or kennel when you sleep. You can also use a cage to train your dog to defecate properly, so as not to pull the dog at home or on your bed. You can refer to the practice of using dog cages to train dogs to defecate and stay at home alone.

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