Harpegnathos venator

Harpegnathos Venator
Amazing hunting species. Harpegnathos venator is a species of ant found in South and Southeast Asia in northern India and parts of Burma.
• Humidity requirements: 50-80%
• Temperature requirements: 24-28 °C
• Hibernation: None
• Suggested housing: Test Tube, Acrylic, Plaster
• Nutrition: Protein from insect sources such as small crickets, mealworms, small roaches.
• Colony size: 200-400
• Queen size: 14-16 mm
• Worker size: 14-16 mm
• Monogyne/Polygyne: Monogyne (One Queens per colony)
Warning: Can bite and sting so handle with care.
This ant may jump about 8-10cm while hunting or when threatened, it also has got a good vision. When they find some food they start to waggle with their gaster.

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